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New Issue Journal of Law and Society



The Journal of Law and Society has published a “Special Issue: Exploring Post-crisis Trajectories of European Corporate Governance” (March 2014).  Contents include:

Introduction: Exploring Post-crisis Trajectories of European Corporate Governance (pages 1–5) – Alan Dignam and Michael Galanis

Preventing the Next Financial Crisis? Regulating Bankers’ Pay in Europe (pages 6–27) – Andrew Johnston

Market Discipline and EU Corporate Governance Reform in the Banking Sector: Merits, Fallacies, and Cognitive Boundaries (pages 28–50) – Emilios Avgouleas and Jay Cullen

The Financial Crisis: A Reason to Improve Shareholder Protection in the EU? (pages 51–72) – Jonathan Mukwiri and Mathias Siems

Post-crisis Corporate Governance and Labour Relations in the EU (and Beyond) (pages 73–94) – Charlotte Villiers

Harmonization Process for Effective Corporate Governance in the European Union: From a Historical Perspective to Future Prospects (pages 95–120) – Veronique Magnier

Understanding the Board of Directors after the Financial Crisis: Some Lessons for Europe (pages 121–151) – Joseph A. McCahery and Erik P.M. Vermeulen

Developing Two-tiered Regulatory Competition in EU Corporate Law: Assessing the Impact of the Societas Privata Europaea (pages 152–171) – Martina Eckardt and Wolfgang Kerber

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