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Lülfs & Hahn: Sustainable Behavior in the Business Sphere



Regina Lülfs (Independent) and Rüdiger Hahn (Universität Kassel) have posted “Sustainable Behavior in the Business Sphere – A Comprehensive Overview of the Explanatory Power of Psychological Model”, Organization & Environment, 27(1), Forthcoming.

The abstract is as follows:

This conceptual article illuminates multiple determinants of sustainable behavior in companies by adapting the comprehensive action determination model proposed by Klöckner and Blöbaum (2010). We apply this behavioral model specifically to the corporate sphere and illustrate that its determinants match the theoretical and empirical research on sustainable behavior in companies. By extending the model to the business context and by applying it to the broad sphere of sustainability, we build a connection between psychological findings (especially those related to environmental psychology) and research on organizational behavior, and provide a coherent framework for corporate interventions to enforce individual sustainable behavior fostering corporate sustainability. In doing so, we provide an extensive overview of contemporary research on the psychological determinants of sustainable behavior within companies.

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