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Columbia Business Law Review (2013: 3)



The latest edition of the Columbia Business Law Review is out.  Contents include:


Noise Adopters in Corporate Governance
by Michal Barzuza (p. 627)

Regulation Through Substitution as Policy Tool: Swap Futurization Under Dodd-Frank
by Gabriel D. Rosenberg and Jai R. Massari (p. 667)

State Ownership and Corporate Governance in China: An Executive Career Approach
by Li-Wen Lin (p. 743)


The Glass Boardroom: The SEC’s Role in Cracking the Door Open so Women May Enter
by Tamara S. Smallman (p. 801)

Settling on an Interpretation of “Instrumentality” in the FCPA
by Justin Epner (p. 854)

Who’s Leading the Blind? Aimster, Grokster, and Viacom’s Vision of Knowledge in the New Digital Millennium
by Fiona Finlay-Hunt (p. 906)

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