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Pradhan: Protection of Investors: An Analysis



Kavita Pradhan (Independent) has posted “Protection of Investors: An Analysis.”

The abstract is as follows:

An investor is a person who allocates capital with the expectation of a financial return. The law defining the rights of investors and the quality of their enforcement is fundamental to corporate governance and finance. Quality of the legal environment for protection of the investors’ has its effect on the ability of a company to raise funds from the public. Therefore, a strong regulatory framework to protect the integrity of the Initial Public Offer market, as well as the investors, is essential. The Companies Act, 1956 provided for several provisions to protect the interests of the investors but it did not keep pace with the changing business environment. The Companies Act, 2013 addresses several investors’ concerns and seeks to provide a more hospitable environment. Therefore, this paper analyses the provisions relating to protection of investors under the new Act and a comparison is made with the Companies Act, 1956.

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