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Cain and Davidoff: Takeover Litigation in 2013



Matthew D. Cain (University of Notre Dame – Department of Finance) and Steven M. Davidoff (Ohio State University (OSU) – Michael E. Moritz College of Law ; Ohio State University (OSU) – Department of Finance) have posted “Takeover Litigation in 2013”.

The abstract is as follows:

Takeover litigation continues to be a much discussed issue in Delaware and among the corporate bar. This report provides preliminary statistics for takeover litigation in 2013. Based on preliminary statistics, takeover litigation continued to be brought at an extraordinarily high rate in 2013. 97.5% of all transactions experienced litigation. The average transaction attracted an average number of 7 lawsuits – an all time high. 41.6% of all transactions experienced multi-jurisdictional litigation down from 51.8% in 2012. Median attorneys’ fees for settlements remained relatively steady at $485 thousand per settlement. Further information and numbers are contained in the report.

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