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Utrecht Journal: Legal Aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility

The Utrecht Journal of International and European Law has issued a special edition of its journal entitled “Legal Aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility”, Vol 30, No 78 (2014).

The contents are as follows:

Tineke Lambooy, “Legal Aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility” – 1-6

Justine Nolan, “Refining the Rules of the Game: The Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights”, 7-23

Chilenye Nwapi, “Jurisdiction by Necessity and the Regulation of the Transnational Corporate Actor”, 24-43

Carola Glinski, “Competing Transnational Regimes under WTO Law”, 44-67

Scott Robinson, “International Obligations, State Responsibility and Judicial Review Under the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises Regime”, 68-81

Benjamin Thompson, “Was Kiobel Detrimental to Corporate Social Responsibility? Applying Lessons Learnt From American Exceptionalism”, 82-98

Jeffrey A Van Detta, “Sexual Orientation, Human Rights, and Corporate Sponsorship of the Sochi Olympic Games: Rethinking the Voluntary Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility”, 99-124

Roger H J Cox, “The Liability of European States for Climate Change”, 125-135

Rhuks Ako, “Review of Corporate Social Responsibility of Multinational Corporations in Developing Countries: Perspectives on Anti-Corruption”, 136-138

Benjamin Thompson,  Erica Teeuwen, Ilina Georgieva, “The Legal Aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility: Interview with Ursula Wynhoven”, 139-144

Rosalien Diepeveen, Yulia Levashova and Tineke Lambooy, Conference Report: “Bridging the Gap between International Investment Law and the Environment”, 4th and 5th November, The Hague, The Netherlands”, 145-160.

Gelter & Helleringer: Lift not the Painted Veil! To Whom are Directors’ Duties Really Owed?

Martin Gelter (Fordham University School of Law ; European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI)) and Geneviève Helleringer (ESSEC Business School ; University of Oxford – Institute of European and Comparative Law) have posted “Lift not the Painted Veil! To Whom are Directors’ Duties Really Owed?”, University of Illinois Law Review, Forthcoming. (more…)

Pollman: A Corporate Right to Privacy

Elizabeth Pollman (Loyola Law School Los Angeles) has posted “A Corporate Right to Privacy”, Minnesota Law Review, Vol. 99, No. 1, 2014. (more…)

Bird, Cahoy and Dhooge: Corporate Voluntarism and Liability for Human Rights in a Post-Kiobel World

Robert C. Bird (University of Connecticut – Department of Marketing), Daniel R. Cahoy (Smeal College of Business) and Lucien J. Dhooge (University of the Pacific (UOP) – Eberhardt School of Business) have posted “Corporate Voluntarism and Liability for Human Rights in a Post-Kiobel World”, Kentucky Law Journal, Vol. 102, No. 3, 2014. (more…)

Pargendler: Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets

Mariana Pargendler (Fundação Getulio Vargas Law School at São Paulo) has posted “Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets”, Oxford Handbook of Corporate Law and Governance (Jeffrey N. Gordon & Wolf-Georg Ringe eds.), Forthcoming.


Hess: The Future of Sustainability Reporting as a Regulatory Mechanism

David Hess (University of Michigan – Stephen M. Ross School of Business) has posted “The Future of Sustainability Reporting as a Regulatory Mechanism”, Forthcoming in D. Cahoy & J. Colburn (eds), Law and the Transition to Business Sustainability, Springer Publishing. (more…)

Coyle & Green: Contractual Innovation in Venture Capital

March 28, 2014

John F. Coyle (University of North Carolina School of Law) and Joseph M. Green (Gunderson Dettmer Stough Villeneuve Franklin & Hachigian, LLP) have posted “Contractual Innovation in Venture Capital”, Hastings Law Journal, Forthcoming. (more…)

Wang: Independent Directors and Corporate Performance in China

Wenge Wang (University of Auckland – Faculty of Law) has posted “Independent Directors and Corporate Performance in China: A Meta-Empirical Study”. (more…)